A Comfortable Life Long Income

These are uncertain times. The economy has been recovering slowly but it’s really too little, too late. Most of us have lost a considerable amount of our investments and savings. The situation is particularly dangerous if you have retired from work. Whatever you saved has now decreased in value and every expense has increased. For retirees, what should have been golden years of retirement have now turned into dangerously volatile finances and severely stressful thoughts about the future.

What To Do?

You may have lost on nearly every investment or saving you have made for your retirement but you’ve forgotten one thing. You own your home outright. That’s right, you have a considerable amount of money tied up in your home as an investment. With the right help, this equity can be released to you during your lifetime and your retirement to help you out. The process is quite simple.
  1. Get in touch with an accountant or a lawyer to understand the process. If you are not mathematically- challenged, you can do this yourself with absolutely no need for additional experts.
  2. Understand the process. To put it simply, you are taking a loan on your home. You can stay in the home till you die or till you decide to sell. The lending company will provide you with a lump sum amount or it will provide an income for the rest of your life depending on the equity in your home.
  3. Compare rates with as many agencies as possible.
  4. Pick an affordable lender or lending company.
  5. All you have to do is collect your money and use it as you want. It’s as simple as that.

It Sounds Simple… What’s The Catch?

There is no catch. Equity release works because most retirees usually own their home outright. For lending companies, it’s a profit as they invest in a well-maintained home. You, as the borrower, get a comfortable income and a home that you can stay in till you die. Of course, there are conditions to this loan process as well. For example, most lending organizations will only lend to UK citizens over the age of 55 or more. Applicants also have to clear any inheritance problems and they should apply for the loan on the house they are living it. Equity release will not be possible on a second home. If you want to sell your home in the future, you will have to pay off the equity loan from the sale proceeds as well.

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